Ljetna škola psihoanalitičke psihoterapije

Škola psihoanalitičke psihoterapije održati će se u okviru IUC u Dubrovniku od 20. do 24.8.2018.

U školi će sudjelovati i drugi psihoanalitičari i edukatori iz psihoanalize osim P. Dunna koji je više puta izabran za edukatora godine.

The course addresses the overall strategy of present-day psychodynamic psychotherapy and specific areas of technique. As in prior years, we will elucidate core theoretical concepts (transference, unconscious organising fantasy) and practices (dream interpretation, creating/maintaining frame and balancing ritual and spontaneity) by identifying them and demonstrating their functionality in the clinical material presented by the participants. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own clinical data, particularly process notes of individual sessions.

In addition to revisiting previous years’ topics and discussions, every year we bring another new concept and see how it relates to core analytic ideas. This year we will look at Authenticity, especially as it relates to its nemeses, Shame and Prejudice.

The goal of this course is to increase the participants awareness of, and facility with, their own clinical actions and thinking, so they can more actively and boldly allow themselves to hear, to absorb and to contain and to respond to their patients’ emotions and fantasies. This course has proven useful to relative novices in psychotherapy and to experienced practitioners alike. The collegial, inquisitive spirit we create allows us to better see our own countertransference reactions, as well as refresh our therapeutic passion and gifts.