Poziv za prihvaćanje nominacija (WPA Standing Committee & Zonal Representatives)


In my capacity as Chair of the WPA Standing Committee on Nominations, I write today to invite nominations for all open positions on the WPA Executive Committee as well as for the 18 Zonal Representatives that will make up the WPA Board for the 2020-2023 triennium. Elections for these roles will take place on 16 October 2020 during the WPA General Assembly at the World Congress of Psychiatry in Bangkok.


The positions open for election are:


o   WPA Executive Committee

·       President-Elect

·       Secretary General

·       Secretary for Finances

·       Secretary for Scientific Meetings


o   Zonal Representatives (WPA Board)

·       One representative for each of the 18 WPA Zones


To make your nominations, please use the 2020 WPA Nomination Form. The deadline for receipt of nominations is 14 February 2020. Nominations can be sent by ordinary mail or by e-mail. The signature of both the President and the Secretary of the nominating WPA Member Society is needed for each submission. The Nominee must also sign the nomination form prior to its submission by deadline.


In addition, the Nominee must also forward to the WPA Secretariat by 14 February 2020:


o   A brief CV

o   A statement outlining how he/she fulfills the requirements of the post

o   An outline of his/her work intentions


Further information regards the elections, including Position Descriptions, can be found on the WPA website:



Password: 2020_Elections

Please note that the password is case sensitive.


Nominations and any correspondence concerning the elections should be addressed as follows:



Professor Helen Herrman AO

Chair, Committee on Nominations WPA Secretariat

Geneva University Psychiatric Hospital, Bâtiment Les Voirons

2 Chemin du Petit Bel-Air, 1226 Thônex, Geneva, Switzerland




Attention: Professor Helen Herrman AO


Telephone Enquiries:

WPA Secretariat

+ 41 22 305 5737

Yours sincerely,


Prof. Helen Herrman AO

President, WPA

Chair, WPA Standing Committee on Nominations


World Psychiatric Association